It’s difficult for me to recapture now the feeling that growing up and summers spent on Cape Cod engendered. When you live by the sea you learn to depend on its elemental power, the way it shapes the land and molds its people. One begins to find comfort in the panoply of change; the ever-changing tide is a good metaphor for this valuable life lesson. In 25 years of working with clients I know that many of you have had your own powerful Cape experiences. Some have even told me the Cape exists inside them and forms a part of their identity. This indwelling of one with the other is the nature of a love relationship, and the result of such a union is joy. As an agent of change, you can imagine how rewarding it is to assist others in the move toward greater love and fulfillment in their lives.

In my free time I enjoy exploring natural areas, usually with binoculars slung around my neck; running or cycling along the CC bike trail. Professionally, I aspire to be source of clarification and illumination, but privately I’ve always considered myself a student. I’ve long held an interest in belief systems and their influence on personal growth. Other interests include local history, astronomy, and vacationing in Naples, FL. I feel blessed to call the Outer Cape home.