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Independent vs Franchise

Today’s real estate landscape is filled with more options for the buyer or seller than ever before. In years past most agencies were independently owned and operated. Today, there’s a proliferation of ‘franchised’ agencies with names I’m sure you’re all familiar with. Not unlike franchise coffee shops and fast food restaurants, the franchisee pays a fee to the franchisor for use of the brand name, operating systems, etc. The franchisee retains a measure of autonomy within the symbiotic relationship, which both hope will be profitable.

Vastly Different Business Models:
The franchisor hopes to increase profits through brand recognition as more and more franchises open across the region. The goal is to capture as large a share of the market as possible. This is the same business model by which McDonalds and Starbucks operate. My business model, in contrast, is much different. I’m not looking to “corner the market” or to become the McDonalds of real estate. Success for me is defined more personally and entails applying my creative skills in the best way I know with the aim of providing exemplary representation. As an analogy, think of a fine-dining establishment in your area. This restaurant probably serves fewer customers than the ‘chain’ restaurants down the street, but each meal is likely prepared with more thought, care and attention to detail.
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